Singing Lessons in Salt Lake City, Utah

Jessica Johnson
Jessica has been studying Speech Level Singing with Leah Stone at Charlie Pants Music for the last five years and has been teaching with Leah for the last year. 

Cost for singing lessons with Jessica 

$120 a month ($30 for a half hour)
3 private half hour lessons and 1 performance class a month
$210 a month ($60 for an hour)
3 private hour lessons and 1 performance class a month

Utah Singing Lesson Location

1600 East Wood Glen Road
Sandy, UT 84092

Performance Class
Performance class is offered the last week of the month and is offered a couple of times during the week so students can find a class to attend.  Students are required to come to the class and will not be offered a refund or make-up lesson if the lesson is missed.  This is the most important lesson of the month.

Students come prepared to sing one song for the other students and will work on stage presence, audition skills, and overcoming stage freight.

Info on Singing Lessons
The first lesson is mostly focused on giving you some drills and exercises that will be most beneficial for your voice.  You will also get a song to work on that will help with the problems in your voice.  Think about what kind of styles of music would you like to sing (Pop, R&B, Rock, Country, Broadway, etc) so I can find a song that will (1) be something that will help you and (2) be something you will find enjoyable to practice.

The lesson will be recorded onto a CD and the song for you to work on will be added to the CD as well, so that you can take your lesson everywhere with you and practice.

Also, please be aware of the 24 hour cancellation policy that you must cancel a lesson 24 hours before your lesson time or else you will be charged for the lesson.

Contact Charlie Pants Music if you have any questions and we look forward to working with you.