Charlie and I went to Chicago

Charlie and I went with my friend to Chicago for the weekend. We had a blast touring the city. Charlie did fabulously flying on the plane and loved being with me and seeing the sights.
Charlie and me at the Theatre. 

Charlie making friends at the dog park on the beach of Lake Michigan.
Freezing to death at a White Sox game. White Sox beat the Blue Jays...Can't remember the score as I was more worried about staying warm and dry.
Charlie, my friend Jo, and me at a Broadway show called "A Chorus Line". It was fabulous and fun and we got star treatment because I had Charlie and was given some of the best seats in the house.

Charlie and I rented a bike to check out the city.  Charlie stayed in his sling and loved the wind in his ears.
Great shot of the skyline.
What a great time in the windy city. Charlie is the perfect traveling companion.