Online Vocal Lessons

I live in Bolivia and studied with Leah before in Washington D.C. until I came back home. The online lessons work just as great as the lessons in person. The sound is fantastic and it is so easy. This way I can still take from a great teacher even thousand of miles away. 
--Pancara, Bolivia

Internet Video Singing Lessons
Charlie Pants Music offers internet video singing lessons. You can now have a voice lesson in the comfort of your own home through Skype. Our studio is equipped with state of the art technology and business class high speed internet to provide the best quality video lessons possible.

System Requirements
To have a video chat lesson with Leah Stone you must have a high speed internet connection and a video camera with both audio and video enabled. Lessons are given using Skype (Windows or Mac) or iChat (Mac). Skype is a free program that can be used to make phone calls and video phone calls anywhere in the world.

Oh Come on..Internet Lessons?
Leah uses internet video technology to teach clients all over the world. Leah’s students are located in places like Bolivia, Korea, France, Germany, and Australia. High profile clients and major label artists take their lessons online while on tour.

Skype is a great resource many students use for lessons when they are traveling, on tour performing, don't want to hassle with traffic, want to enjoy a lesson during a lunch break, or take lessons with Leah Stone even if they don't live near the studio.
Is the video and sound quality good?
Yes! If you are using a high speed internet connection then video and audio calls come out very clear. Our studio uses business class internet connection speed.

Are video lessons effective?
Yes! Stars and vocal students all over the world use internet video technology to start and further their vocal education when they are touring or when they move away.

You can take online singing lessons, as well as online songwriting, guitar, and stage performance lessons by using Skype. 

Charlie Pants Music Studio's current vocal students take online voice lessons and have performed on: 
  • American Idol
  • X Factor
  • Won CBS Top 5 bands in DC
  • Broadway and toured as leads in Broadway shows
  • Nominated for Latin Grammy's
  • BET 
  • Currently tour nationally and internationally
  • Signed with major record labels, and more!
Sign up for professional online vocal lessons and you will be amazed at how quickly you can sing effortlessly through your bridges in your voice and smooth out all breaks in your voice. 

Things you will need in order for online singing lessons to be most effective:

1. Download Skype onto your computer.  Click HERE to download Skype.

2. Make sure your computer has a web cam and a microphone.  The built in microphones found on Mac computers work awesome, so if you have a Mac computer you should be all set.

3. Make sure the sound of your computer is being ran out of external speakers or headphones or else you will experience distortion in the sound.

4. A decent internet connection. (I highly recommend plugging your computer in directly to your router. Since so many of us use wireless internet we are not used to plugging in, but you will get the best connection if you go where your router is and plug directly into it).

5. Add leahstone17 to your Skype contact list.

Add me to Skype
6. Set up your lesson time and then hit button below
Skype Me™!
Here is what some people are saying about Online Lessons:

I love using Skype for lessons for my daughter.  It is easy, I don't have to rush out the door to get her to an appointment, she just comes home from school and gets in front of the computer and has a lesson with Leah.  The sound quality is great and we can clearly see Leah on the computer.  It is just like she came to our house for lessons. I highly recommend online lessons with Charlie Pants Music Studios.

--Aimee S., Salt Lake City, Utah