Exec Coaching

Do you have to do public speaking presentations at work? Speak for your company at press conferences or media engagements? When doing a presentation do you find yourself struggling to project the sound, the audience can't hear or understand you, and your voice hurts after even a short 10-15 minute presentation?

You need  Charlie Pants Music's Executive Vocal Coaching Program,
which helps executives prepare for speaking engagements.

You will learn how to:

  • Project your voice
  • Breathe deeper and talk with a more relaxed, non-nasal voice
  • Not suffer from vocal fatigue and be able to speak for longer engagements
  • Relax your nerves
  • Command the stage and look comfortable
  • If English is not your first or native language, you will receive guidance on your pronunciation so audience members can clearly understand you
Additional help can be provided with putting together Power Point Presentations and Multi-Media Packets, flyers, handouts, etc.

How Executive Coaching is Helping Others:

English is not my first language and I happen to be a soft spoken man, so having to present to the executive board every month was very difficult for me.  I found myself struggling to speak loud enough for everyone to hear me and my voice always hurt afterward. I asked Leah to help me with my presentation and she gave me some vocal drills to help me strengthen my vocal chords, guided me through my presentation, worked on my stage presence, and gave me great tools to project my sound and calm my nerves.  At my next presentation several people came up to me afterward and told me that I had drastically improved and they were curious what I did differently.  The answer- Charlie Pants Music Executive Vocal Coaching.


  • $100 an hour
Who Is Executive Coaching For:

  • one on one training
  • group training
  • in office workshops