Dean Kaelin- teacher to American Idol David Archuleta

"Leah Stone is extremely dedicated, successful, and talented singing instructor. She is a great asset to Dean Kaelin Vocal Studio. Leah is a strong vocal coach and has developed her talents in many areas including singing, guitar, piano, music theory, song writing and her ability to teach others. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Leah!"

Dean Kaelin, Teacher to David Archuleta
Previously Certified Level 5 Speech Level Singing Master Instructor

Justin Fry- lead singer of NOCO Rock
"Leah has been amazing to work with.  Not only does she know how to quickly build rapport with new students, creating a laid-back learning environment, but at the same time she also knows when to step in as the educated speech level singing instructor to provide the timely guidance as needed. Her teaching methods and stylistic approach has helped me become a quick learner, despite not having any former vocal coaching.  I am amazed at how much my endurance, range, and control have improved since taking singing lessons with her.  It has been fun listening to myself progress as a student to the point where I amaze myself sometimes!  I would highly recommend Leah Stone if you are even considering vocal coaching and singing lessons in Washington, DC.  You will know why after one lesson."

Justin Fry- Noco Rock winner of CBS contest Top 5 Bands in Washington D.C.

Samantha Knaphus 
"Leah is amazing! She loves being a vocal coach and it shows. Her talent is beyond belief and she is a natural at teaching. Leah genuinely cares about each student as an individual and encourages each student to have his or her own style. I have been singing for several years, but it wasn’t until I started with Leah that I began to perform and feel confident while singing. Not only are singing and guitar lessons fun, but they are challenging as well. Leah has even taught me songwriting lessons and I am now writing my own songs. I would HIGHLY recommend Leah and online Skype lessons!"

Samantha Knaphus-age 19

Mary Leaphart 
"Leah has completely transformed my voice!  I am completely at ease working with her and I am singing like never before.  For the first time ever, I am able to listen to a recording of myself singing and enjoy it!  Leah has a way of making you feel comfortable and helping you to just sing naturally and use the talents you already have to there fullest.  I'm loving every minute of my speech level singing lessons!" 

Mary Leaphart -Business Development, Envision EMI

Carli Barlow
"I have been singing with Leah Stone for about 5 years now and it is amazing how much I have learned! I started out as a little girl with a dream of being a singer, and Leah is the one that has helped me reach that goal every step of the way. 5 years ago I would break down if I had to sing in front of a few people, and now I am comfortable singing for crowds. She has taught me how to write songs, which is a great opportunity. Music is an amazing thing and Leah helped me discover that. I fully recommend Leah, she is so fun to be around and gets me excited to explore the music world, work on my talents and perform! She is a great vocal instructor and I love her!"

Carli Barlow- age 16 

Brandy Reece 

"Working with Leah was the turning point in my vocal abilities. I've sung all my life, but I never had the kind of power in my upper register that I wanted. So singing rock was always tough for me. I sing with Several Species - A Pink Floyd Tribute band out of Baltimore, MD. I was always too afraid to try singing Great Gig in the Sky - the ultimate song for vocalists. After working with Leah for a few months, I felt so confident in my abilities, that I finally sang the song at our 9:30 Club show in April to lots of cheers.

Not only has the technique Leah teaches been invaluable to me, so has her teaching style. She continues to push me beyond the bounds of where I thought I could go as a singer. Whether we have lessons in person or on Skype, it's fantastic. I always come away with something new.

I've had the classical training with the 'vocal warm-ups' that never did anything for my voice. I've had the teachers telling me it's all about posture and breathing right. Well, yeah, AND...there's so much more too it. And Leah will teach you. I cannot recommend her enough."

Rock on!
Brandy Reece